Engaging Moms on Social Media to Stop Teenagers from Using Tanning Beds

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The express purpose of the $3.3 million social media campaign – funded by your tax dollars – was to influence behavior through propaganda messaging resulting in advocacy for banning indoor tanning.

The specific aims of the proposal were to:

1) Develop and implement a social media campaign for mothers on health and wellness of adolescent daughters that includes theory-based messaging advocating adolescent girls avoid indoor tanning.

2) Evaluate the effectiveness of the indoor tanning messages at a) decreasing mothers' permissiveness for daughters to engage in indoor tanning and daughters' perceptions of their permissiveness, b) reducing the prevalence of indoor tanning by mothers and daughters, and c) increasing the number of mothers who support strengthening bans on indoor tanning by minors. 

The company, Klein Buendel, Inc., also received federal funding for other indoor tanning studies and the use of social media as a tool to limit indoor tanning usage.

Since 2008, the company received $42+ million in federal grants.

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