Sex Education For Commercial Sex Workers In Ethiopia

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$2.1 million to the Family Guidance Association of Ethiopia taught sex education to female commercial sex workers. It’s sex ed for prostitutes – who just might be able to teach the class.

The education included HIV testing, counseling, and other STI screening and treatments (2019). Free condom distribution, family planning, and TB screening were also included.

Prostitution is illegal in Ethiopia.

In 2016, our auditors at found that $1.4 million flowed to the Prostitutes Education Project in Los Angeles, California from Health and Human Services for sex and needle education. Furthermore, in 2020, we found $530,000 in grant money flowed to Hookers for Jesus based in Nevada by the Justice Department for an anti-human trafficking project.

Prostitution is illegal in California, but not Nevada.

The #WasteOfTheDay is presented by the forensic auditors at

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