Baltimore City Public Schools Spent $1.4 Billion Budget and Promoted Student with 0.13 GPA

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Recently, a Baltimore mom learned her high school senior had a 0.13 GPA, yet ranked 62/120 in his class. The student had flunked all but three classes during his first three years of high school.

How could this student be ranked in the middle of his class? Project Baltimore and the local FOX 45 News published the findings.

So, our auditors at investigated the district finances. Here’s what we found:

The district ran on a $1.4 billion budget for only 78,000 students – at a cost of $18,000 per pupil. Maryland state taxpayers ($857 million), federal taxpayers ($5.4 million), and a small share of local taxpayers ($287.3 million) funded it.

Then, there was the federal coronavirus funding for Baltimore schools. During 2020, $85 million flowed into the district from the CARES Act. Still, the schools did not open for classroom learning.

For Baltimore City Public School employees, it paid to be virtual. Baltimore spent more than half a billion dollars last year on payroll, $648.5 million.

In fact, 1,255 BCPS employees earned over $100,000 in 2020. The top 20 highest earners collectively made $5.5 million last year.

Baltimore is the fifth largest school district in the country and spends approximately $18,000 per student each year.

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