$392,000 Earned by Top Paid LA Lifeguard in 2019

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From our investigation published at Forbes... we all missed the memo in high school: being a lifeguard in California can be unbelievably lucrative. If we had only known, many of us would have packed our bags and headed west for a career on a California beach.

Our auditors at OpenTheBooks.com found that lifeguards make a fortune in Los Angeles County. Seven lifeguards made more than $300,000 and 82 lifeguards had total earnings that exceeded $200,000 in 2019, the latest year available.

Fernando Boiteux was the most highly paid and earned $391,971. As the “acting chief lifeguard,” he out-earned 1,000 of his peers: salary ($205,619), perks ($60,452), and benefits ($125,900).

The second highest paid, Captain Daniel Douglas, pulled down $140,706 in base pay, and a whopping $131,493 in overtime pay, with $21,760 in “other pay” and $74,709 in benefits. Total compensation amounted to $368,668.

Overtime pay drove earnings into corporate executive range.

Thirty-one lifeguards made between $50,000 and $131,493 in overtime during the year. For example, Daniel Douglas (comp: $368,668; overtime: $131,493), Jaro Snopek (comp: $292,455; overtime: $119,669) and James Orr (comp: $281,270; overtime: $113,015) each made over $100,000 in overtime alone.

However, not all lifeguards in LA earn big money…

We found 332 pool lifeguards in LA County, but the highest paid “senior pool lifeguard” made only $46,997, including pay and benefits.

It pays to be on the beach.

Our auditors at OpenTheBooks.com compiled these numbers from Freedom of Information Act requests as well as benefit data listed at Transparent California.

The #WasteOfTheDay is presented by the forensic auditors at OpenTheBooks.com.

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