Mood Lighting for the Outdoors at U.S. National Parks?

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Through April 9th, the National Park Service (NPS) is collecting grant applications for up to $390,000 to study if NPS park visitors like the lighting.

The funding opportunity entitled “Effects of Outdoor Lighting on Natural Resources and Visitor Enjoyment in National Parks” comes with pages of questions and answers about what a good grant application should look like. Taxpayers will pay out somewhere between $150,000 to $390,000 for grants of up to three-years.

Women and men might approach their enjoyment of NPS lighting differently, but NPS anticipated this. Grant applications should examine “night adapted vision and gender” and also “any variables that might influence human behavior, functional abilities, or perceptions toward artificial light at night.”

According to NPS, the grant is necessary because “there is very little understanding about human reactions and expectations with respect to outdoor lighting in national park settings. These perceptions likely influence visitors’ feelings of safety, behavior, enjoyment, and ability to enjoy the night sky and participate in the numerous astronomy based interpretive programs system wide.”

Only state governments and public or private institutions of higher education are eligible to apply.

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