LA County Lifeguards Earned Up To $630,000 in Overtime Alone During Last Five-Years

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How does making $391,971 as a lifeguard in sunny Los Angeles sound?

Published at The Wall Street Journal, our auditors at found that life’s a beach when you are a LA County lifeguard. There were seven top paid lifeguards in LA that earned between $300,000 and $392,000 during 2019 – the latest year available.

However, the second highest paid, Captain Daniel Douglas, pulled down a total of $368,668 including $131,000 in overtime pay.

In fact, over a five-year period, Douglas brought home $630,000 in overtime! (Read the WSJ editorial and learn more about the other perks and benefits of being a LA County lifeguard including the lucrative retirement pension.)

LA could save taxpayers big money by auctioning off the services, wherein qualified applicants bid down the cost of the pay rate, perks and pension benefits for those positions – in an online, fully transparent auction.

This concept of the ‘online Dutch auction’ would save taxpayers tens of millions of dollars.

We can bet no lifeguards would make $391,971!

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