Feds Fund Princeton Art Collection Catalogue

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Princeton University has a hefty $25.6 billion endowment, but the Tigers still received $748.8 million in grants since 2017.

The Ivy League university also received $399,293 from the Institute of Museum and Library Services in 2017 to catalogue its art collection.


“The Princeton University Art Museum will standardize and enhance cataloging for the 6,516 works in its drawings collection in order to increase public access for teaching, learning, research and publication, both online and onsite,” the grant summary states.

Using “image annotation tools” and “an online publishing template” among other things, the project seeks to encourage exploration and scholarly exchange on its website.

The money will be used to catalog the artwork, giving detailed descriptions, keyword tags, exhibition history and more.

“These improvements will ensure expanded public and scholarly use of the collections by university faculty and K-12 teachers, their students, community members, and international scholars,” the summary states.

With a $25.6 billion endowment, the prestigious and wealthy university should be able to pay to catalog its own artwork.

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