Creepy Voicemails From 2065 Say the World is Devastated by Climate Change

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Here is an eerie way to spend $5.7 million from the government: create fake voicemails from people as far in the future as 2065, when climate change has devastated the Earth and Alaska and California are without water.

In 2012, Columbia University’s Climate Center received the taxpayer-funded grant from the National Science Foundation to “engage adult learners and inform public understanding and response to climate change.”

This dystopian project, called Future Coast, also includes a game where people search for fictional fallen “chronofacts” that fall out of time.

These “immersive stories” are supposed to warn the public of the destruction that will befall the Earth if climate change continues on its course.

The university’s climate center’s Polar Learning and Responding Climate Change Education Partnership (PoLAR CCEP) received the funds to “to inform public understanding of and response to climate change," according to the Future Coast website. How do fictional “chronofacts” and voicemails advertising tsunami insurance help inform people?

The only “real” aspect of all this was the $5.7 million cost, funded by the American taxpayer.

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