Forget About Libraries, It’s Story Time at the Laundromat

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How about some “Green Eggs and Ham” to go with several hours of doing a wash at the neighborhood laundromat? Thanks to a $248,200 grant, story time at the laundromat is a reality.

The funding came from the Institute of Museum and Library Services, a federal agency that gives library and museum grants and does policy development and research.

This funding went to Libraries Without Borders to “refine, assess, and scale partnership models between public libraries and laundromats.”

The two-year “Wash and Learn Initiative” aimed to enhance story time at laundromats and develop a national Laundry Literacy Coalition of trained librarians who gathered feedback and now use new approaches to story time at laundromats.

The organization claims that, while libraries provide needed internet and other library services to seniors, unemployed and low-income people, these folks often can’t get to the library. However, they do go to the laundromat.

So, using taxpayer funds, Libraries Without Borders is trying to transform the 30,000+ laundromats in the U.S. into “access points for digital learning and community development.” Shouldn't taxpayer funds that support libraries be sufficient?

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