Federal “Infrastructure” Subsidies for the Bigger Boats Costs Taxpayers $14 Million

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What better way to enjoy a warm summer day than on your boat with your family and friends, catching some fish and some sun, feeling the light breeze against your face.

Oh, you don’t have a boat?

Well, that’s too bad because the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is giving $14 million to states to spiff up their infrastructure for recreational boaters.


But your boat must be 26-feet, or bigger.

The funds will pay for the construction, renovation and maintenance of boating infrastructure facilities for recreational boats that are 26 feet long or longer.

“Recreational boating is a popular activity; there are approximately 11.8 million registered motor boats in the United States. Of this total, an estimated 584,000 are at least 26 feet long,” the grant summary states.

This grant helps those boaters in the top 5%. Maybe they do not need taxpayer help if they own a boat that big?

The $14 million will be spent on structures, equipment, accessories and services that a facility uses to accommodate transient vessels — those passing through a place, i.e. staying up to 15 days.

The projects that use the funds must provide public access, but can be publicly or privately owned, the grant summary says.

What better way to spend $14 million in taxpayer money than to help bigger boat owners have a beautiful day on the water?

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