U.S. Funding Peru’s Film Industry for $25,000

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Among Peru’s many problems with violence, human rights violations, and threats to freedom of expression, is an issue that the U.S. apparently feels is grave enough to fight: the lack of women in Peru’s film industry.

The U.S. Mission to Peru is giving $25,000 to “support women in the film industry in Peru, given the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic to the film sector and the cultural industry in general.”


Filmmakers, producers, film technicians, cultural and education institutions and film guilds who apply for the grant should be able to create training opportunities throughout Peru, promote safer working conditions, and generate more opportunities to collaborate and share ideas with the U.S. film industry, the grant summary states.

“The program will support female directors, producers, technical teams, and screenwriters, amplifying their voices, and helping them overcome gender-based challenges that hinder their ability to work in the field,” the summary says.

The organization that gets the grant should hold courses and organize conferences with American women who are specialists on issues in the film industry to help promote more film projects led by women.

There are probably better ways to help Peruvian women.

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