Federal Prison System Spends $200K on Propaganda Projects

By Adam Andrzejewski
July 27, 2021

The National Institute of Corrections (NIC) is offering $200,000 to create highlights of their own accomplishments: writing up the history of the agency and creating a new criminal justice podcast.

The National Institute of Corrections is under the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Federal Bureau of Prisons and provides support programs to federal, state, and local corrections agencies.

The prison population is large with estimates of up to 1.8 million people incarcerated in 2020.

The NIC is offering two $100,000 grants, one to “develop a podcast that meets the corrections-specific information needs of state and local governments and their stakeholders, particularly criminal justice agencies responsible for the management and/or supervision of adult correctional populations.”

The second grant would be to research NIC history since its creation in 1974 after the Attica Prison uprising which 43 people dead.

The project would “create a display of corrections history to educate state and local governments and criminal justice stakeholders about the role of NIC in corrections stemming from the past to the present day,” the grant summary states.

Over a 50-year period, “NIC continues to provide services to corrections, facilitating a safer, more humane, and effective criminal justice field for officers, staff, and supervised populations,” the grant documents state.

They credit themselves with improving jail design and architecture, direct supervision, staff sexual misconduct, and more.

“Behind these accomplishments are the men and women who, over the years, have comprised NIC,” the grant summary states.

The DOJ is spending $200,000 of taxpayer money to promote a taxpayer-funded government agency. 

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