Election Updates for the Week of September 13, 2021

Election Updates for the Week of September 13, 2021
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Today is California’s recall election, marking the first major election of the cycle. Below are the latest election updates.


In Arizona, although the audit continues to be dragged out, two Republican state legislators are claiming that the results show that the 2020 election was invalid. Some are criticizing the audit’s cyber firm for hiring a former fringe candidate to assist.

In California, there is concern over election rumors regarding the validity of the recall election. Former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has stated that the election atmosphere is similar to the one that got him elected. The betting markets have rapidly moved in the direction of predicting that Governor Gavin Newsom will not be recalled. Records show that people who have voted are largely more senior and skew towards the Democrats.

In Florida, a controversial State Representative is filing a bill for an election audit, despite the fact that former President Donald Trump won the state.

In Michigan, Governor Gretchen Whitmer is opposing Republicans’ plan to put their election reform bill on the ballot. Whitmer is decrying the move as an attack on voting rights. Additionally, a Conservative critic of the 2020 election has announced her candidacy for Secretary of State and Trump is endorsing her.

In Maine, controversial Governor Paul LePage, who some refer to as “Trump before Trump,” is launching a comeback bid for Governor.

In Wisconsin, as the election probe gets underway, several Republican critics of Trump are criticizing the probe as harmful to democracy.

In Louisiana, local elections have been pushed back five weeks due to Hurricane Ida.

In Ohio, the secretary of state has started a voter purge and is calling on an election reform bill to pass the state legislature.

In New Hampshire, Democrats scored a rare special election win this year in a special election for that state’s house of representatives.

In New York, in light of the election issues in New York City, state legislators are considering different ways to overhaul elections. The liberal election group, the Brennan Center, released a report recommending actually cutting the number of commissioners to centralize election administration.

In Colorado, the redistricting commission has floated another map that could create major changes for the congressional districts.

In Pennsylvania, state legislators held their first hearing on the 2020 election on Thursday.

In Virginia, the Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor, Winsome Sears, is laying off all her staff members less than two months before the election.

In Texas, after a long delay, Governor Greg Abbott had the opportunity to sign the controversial election law.

In West Virginia, a poll has revealed that less than 50 percent of voters think the 2020 election was legitimate.


The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a trial judge’s award of $6.7 million to civil rights groups due to their successful challenge of a voter ID law.

In the final days of the California recall election, Republicans are campaigning to create trust in mail-in voting since it remains the best option for many voters. Former President Barack Obama recorded TV ads to back Newsom.

Several Pennsylvania state legislators filed a lawsuit to get mail-in voting thrown out due to their belief that mail-in voting causes irregularities in elections.

Trump is now backing challengers to at least three different members of the U.S. House who voted to impeach him. Arguably the most prominent race that Trump is involved in is the primary against Congresswoman Liz Cheney. Trump has reportedly endorsed Harriet Hageman, a Committeewoman from the RNC who resigned this week to launch her primary campaign against Cheney.

A recent poll shows that two-thirds of voters believe that 9/11 changed America forever.

With the 20th anniversary of 9/11 having passed and the debunked 9/11 conspiracy theories continuing to show up in the public sphere, the Associated Press raises whether conspiracies around elections will continue for years.

Two prominent attorneys, Bob Bauer, who served as White House Counsel for Obama, and Ben Ginsberg, who served as White House Counsel for former President George W. Bush, are launching a network that will seek to defend election officials who face threats over their work.

Prominent former Trump attorney Sidney Powell has been ordered to pay $200,000 in reimbursements to the state of Michigan for her frivolous lawsuits.

With the Supreme Court’s latest preliminary ruling on abortion making it look like abortion rights could be restricted, many are predicting that abortion rights will play a role in elections in 2021 and 2022. But there is a debate over what the precise impact of this election issue could be.

Many in D.C. are worried about the planned rally for September 18th that will protest the 2020 election. Some fear that it could lead to the kind of violence that occurred on January 6th.

A report on New York City’s first election with ranked choice voting showed that low-income voters were less engaged than expected.

Given the recent success of Black lawmakers winning in white districts, many are calling for an end to “packing” Black voters into districts.


The widespread use of mail-in voting for the California recall election has prompted some union workers to demand it for their internal elections. Unions and corporations are continuing to put a lot of cash behind Newsom in the final days.

There is concern that corporations are funding “woke” pro-criminal justice reform groups.

Corporations are largely staying silent about the Texas abortion ruling.

Todd Carney is a writer based in Washington, DC. The views in this piece are his alone and do not reflect the views of his employer.

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