Event Stream: Future of Conservatism

Event Stream: Future of Conservatism

TomorrowTonight (March 11), at 6:30 p.m. Eastern, the Manhattan Institute will host a discussion on the future of conservatism. You can watch the event live right here:

The panel comprises Josh Barro, Yuval Levin, Megan McArdle, Reihan Salam, Avik Roy, and David Brooks. In my view that's a good mix -- all the participants have a decidedly intellectual bent, but they run the gamut from full conservatives (Levin) to moderate/center-right types (Brooks) to libertarians (McArdle). Each of these factions has a stake in the future of the movement.

Some other conservatives are less happy about it.

Robert VerBruggen is editor of RealClearPolicy. Twitter: @RAVerBruggen

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