The 10 Most Read RealClearPolicy Articles of 2014

The 10 Most Read RealClearPolicy Articles of 2014

As with last year's list, this one is based on pageviews alone:

10. Are White People Unusually Self-Segregated? - Robert VerBruggen

9. NLRB Wants to Stop Businesses From Moving - Peter Schaumber

8. As the Bubble Bursts, Opportunities for Reform - Thomas K. Lindsay

7. Harvard's Chickens Come Home to Roost? - Thomas K. Lindsay

6. What's the Matter With Missouri's Murder Rate? - Robert VerBruggen

5. Texas's 'Impossible' $10K Degree Marches On - Thomas K. Lindsay

4. Missouri's Rule on Deadly Force by Cops - Robert VerBruggen

3. How California Could Lose a Generation of Doctors - Zachary David Skaggs

2. Who Gets Shot in America? - Robert VerBruggen

1. Freedom to Marry & Dissent, Rightly Understood - Ryan T. Anderson & Robert P. George

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