The 10 Most Read RealClearPolicy Articles of 2015

The 10 Most Read RealClearPolicy Articles of 2015

The articles that got the most page views this year are:

10. Minimum Wage: Ben Carson Has a Point - Preston Cooper

9. Four Myths About Social Security - Adam Rosenberg

8. If SCOTUS Rules Against ACA Subsidies - Tom Miller & Grace-Marie Turner

7. Minimum Wage: New Evidence - Robert Cherry & Chun Wang

6. Is a Third Obama Term Really Impossible? - James V. Delong

5. Guns vs. Cars (and Drugs) - Robert VerBruggen

4. The Justice Department's Hidden Race Data - Robert VerBruggen

3. Why Connecticut Is Self-Destructing - Lewis M. Andrews

2. The Rise of Concealed Carry - Courtney Such interviews John Lott

1. The Latest Climate Kerfuffle - Patrick Michaels

A new methodological wrinkle this year: Two articles published in 2014, "Can Someone Else Buy a Gun for You?" and "Race, Age, and Police Killings," would finish in places seven and eight, respectively, based on their 2015 page views. We decided to give them an honorary mention instead of including them in the list.

Previous year-end lists: 2013, 2014.

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