Is Communitarian Conservatism Relevant in an Age of 'Social Distancing'?


On Thursday, July 16, 2020 Pepperdine School of Public Policy hosts its first webinar in The Quest for Community Webinar Series entitled, "Is communitarian conservatism relevant in an age of 'social distancing' and political polarization?" featuring Ross Douthat, New York Times Columnist and Grace Olmstead, Author.

In a time of pandemic and social upheaval the consideration of a communitarian conservatism seems like a quaint notion. But does this era—with its "social distancing" and national debates on American identity—actually demand a renewed appreciation of this humanistic approach to our public policy and politics?

This webinar features two of today's leading thinkers and cultural critics who discuss "communitarian conservatism" and how it may be uniquely relevant for our distinctly polarized time in American policy and politics.

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