American Identity Post 2020 Elections


On Thursday, October 15, 2020 Pepperdine School of Public Policy hosts its four webinar in The Quest for Community Webinar Series entitled, "American Identity Post 2020 Elections."

The American Project is seeking solutions by finding "places of connection" to consider including where we live as ways to fight radical individualism on the Left/Right offering a new prism to see identity that is place-based for citizens at their local level.

Studies show that houses of worship may be one of the last places citizens of different races, genders, orientations, ideology, and ages come together. Levels of trust are highest in these institutions. Sports teams also manifest a sense of local community for diverse groups that break down old divisions. Cities, such as New York, offer deep identity and during the pandemic are grappling with an exodus of citizens leading to the creation of new organizations to imagine a new, New York.

This webinar seeked to explore the points of connections in America outside of identity politics as ways our nation can avoid the increasing polarization.

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